Here at Dazzleby I have a small number of Foxhounds.  I seldom breed.. A bitch would only ever have one litter if bred from at all.   Foxhounds are NOT a breed to be commercially exploited.   A Foxhound is a wonderful hound in the right hands, however if you are contemplating ownership, please be aware this hound needs the right care and attention to be happy, and remember all that glitters is not gold.  Always make sure that people offering advice have GENUINE knowledge of the breed.  If you can't see granny foxhound be worried!

The Dazzleby team competes for fun, but most of our pleasure comes from galloping about the countryside, splashing about in rivers, running in and out of the sea and along the sand, and messing about in snow. Then collapsing on the sofa in front of the telly.

 Some of the photos on this site have a watermark this is to prevent unlawful usage.  If you see a photo from here on another site it has been unlawfully used.